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The story about Evroporc

About us

EVROPORC is a privately held company from Skopje, North Macedonia. It is one of the largest wholesale companies that imports, exports and distributes HORECA (hotel, restaurant and catering) equipment, including: tableware, houseware, small electrical appliances, household, architectural lights and more.


birth of the company, trading with small home appliances


rise of the sister company named Mondrian, with it’s own brand Mondrian with our own line of products


complete rebrand and relocation of facilities which includes:


fully established online presence and modern rebrand of Mondrian doo

Our experience

Evroporc operates in the field with imports and exports of products in the HORECA department. As of now, the company offers over 19000+ articles for hotels, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, catering, household and more. We are cooperating with more than 130 brands, offering them in huge assortiment:

  • 8000 household articles
  • 8000 HO.RE.CA. articles
  • 3000 household and architectural lights

As of now, our exporting locations are: Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece
and Kosovo.


Our mission is to source, import and export high-quality and unique HORECA products from all around the world. We strive to be the leading wholesale provider of exceptional products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations and drive their success.


The prime vision of Evroporc is to be the premier wholesaler in the HORECA industry regionally, offering an unparalleled selection of exceptional products and innovative solutions, while setting the standard for ethical and sustainable business practices.